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The stain after the victory...

14 June 2014

You wake up after a memorable soccer night, the Dutch beat the world champion Spain with a score of 5-1. With a slight euphoric rush (and a little headache) you go downstairs, enter the living room and are confronted with your very own battlefield of the night before. You start cleaning up and are shocked to see a stain on your carpet or rug; now what?!

Stay calm and deal with the stain according to our instructions, because many stains have their unique approach.

Which stain do you encounter? Click on the stain to see the exact stain removal instructions.

Is your stain not listed here? Then please use our Stain search engine.

With these instructions most stains can be successfully removed, your carpet or rug is clean again and you are ready for the next party!

The stain after the victory...