Will you become a James Partner?

Are you a business client? Do you own, or dor you work at a professional home furnishing business and/or website? On this page you will find more information about what James can offer you as a reseller.

James on your website

With the James Microsite you can display the unique James services on your website, in your own style, and thus serve your customers even better.

Unique support

At James, we offer unique services and support. A unique approach within our market segment and we continue to innovate!

Product displays

James has developed several product displays to bring maintenance and cleaning to the attention of not only your customers, but also yourself.

Frequently asked questions about our collaborations

This certainly does not have to be the case. The James products are multi-purpose, so it won’t be a jungle of products or different advices with a variety of materials. James products and advice are made with quality and user-friendliness in mind. We do what we do to achieve the best solution for your customer, which also means keeping the overall picture simple where possible.

Yes, this is possible, often even more accessible than you would expect. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

We think we can support you and your customers in many ways. This can be done, for example, by means of an interactive display with live course after installation so that you are immediately a James expert, our Stain Disc or Stain Finder for an answer to every stain, our (personal or not) maintenance advice, email and telephone support, James Microsite for all James services on your own website … in short, too many to mention!

If you cannot find the answer to your question on our website, please give us a call and we will immediately speak to you professionally. We then deliver any order the next (working) day if it is placed before 3:00 pm. So you always receive our products quickly.

Yes, this is possible, for example by purchasing the starter sets in bulk, purchasing per (combined) pallet or by means of a possible bonus structure. This way a big discount can be obtained on the products. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

James Product Catalogue

Click on the link below to view our James product catalogue.  

You will  see that our catalogue is much more than a summary of our products. Among other things, we take you  through the history of our company, give you a handy overview of the different products per category and we show you a number of our partners; brands you probably sell in your store that actively recommend James products.

Magazine James
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Become a dealer

Do you want to become a dealer of James products? This is possible, provided you work in a professional home furnishing business. James products are not offered in the supermarket or drugstore. This is a specific choice, as we believe that end users should also be provided with good advice. Of course you can also offer the James products if you have a webshop in home furnishings or cleaning products.

The sales addresses of James can be found on our website. If you become a dealer of James products and you have a physical store where consumers can buy the products (daily), we can add you to this database. It is a frequently used function that will lead to (free) extra visitors in your store. We also use this page when we speak to customers by telephone and they ask about a point of sale near them.

Contact us to become a James dealer, or register through our business portal. We are happy to serve you!

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Would you like to become a James dealer, would you like to receive more information about the various options, or do you have another question? Contact us by using the form below or call us: +31 77 327 8008.

Price information

Business purchase prices

The prices as you see them on our website are end-user recommended retail prices. In other words, these are the prices you charge in your store for the various James products. Of course, these are not the prices you buy for.

You order as a reseller through us business portal, follow the link to register. After being approved by one of our colleagues, you will get access to this portal and also have immediate access to very useful information, files, videos and much more.

Would you like to know more about our attractive prices? Get in touch with us!