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A beautiful new interior or a comfortable, existing interior; it doesn’t matter much to you, it has to stay nice and clean in both cases. Having a, possibly hastily, hired company or someone without specific knowledge remove a stain, it is an enormous risk. A floor or piece of furniture can quickly be permanently damaged by the wrong cleaning method or cleaning agent. Unfortunately, such errors (such as quickly removing a stain on a PVC floor with turpentine, or cleaning contaminated carpet or furniture with products that cause resoiling) can often no longer be restored.

What our products and advice can mean for you in practice

The James products are very easy to use. Furthermore, our products are tested in our laboratory on the products of the most prominent manufacturers, we often already know in advance that the compatibility is perfect. Our products also save precious time in many cases. In addition, effective maintenance provides enormous cost savings because the lifespan of floors and furniture will be extended. The fact that many manufacturers actively state that their products should be maintained with James, only reinforces this.

Support from us when you need it the most

Our website answers every conceivable question and provides extensive advice in many areas. Can’t figure it out? Call us and we will be happy to help you. You will immediately receive professional advice. No choice menu, operator or computer voice; simply direct personal and professional interaction. That is also James and is part of our products as a service.

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Below are the various, partly unique services that we have listed for you to get every question answered. That is also James and is part of our products as a service. Use the tools to arrive at the right product or to solve that one stain or that annoying problem once and for all.

Got a weird stain? Try us!
Find the cleaning solution for all your stains on upholstery fabric and almost any form of carpeting here.

The right PRODUCTS are crucial for a good result, also in the long term. No wonder the best brands recommend James products.

this way your interior will stay beautiful. A tailor-made advice for your floor or furniture, with the right tips, tricks and products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ, a collection of the most frequently asked questions to James.

Do you have a question that is not answered here? Use our stain search engine or contact us!

No, this is not necessary at all! For example on carpet or upholstery, the most common stains are caused by drinks. Our product James Stainwonder for carpet and upholstery is magnificent: simply apply and done, the product does all the work and the stain will disappear by itself.

Sure! A great deal of information is immediately available through our site, from advice per stain or material and how to remove it, to a maintenance advice for your floor, for example. You can also call or email us with a question, we are happy to assist you.

We ship an order the same (working) day if it is placed before 3:00pm. So you always receive our products quickly.