I want a really matt floor



Hard floors with a matt look have become increasingly popular in recent years. The vast majority of hard floors sold today have an extra matt finish. Cleaning the floor with the wrong cleaning products and/or treating it with the “wrong” polish (protective coating) will make your floor shine.

If you have an older floor there is a good chance that it was (highly) glossy when you purchased it. That was the trend at the time but no longer suits today’s desire.



Cleaning products need to adapt to trends in the flooring market. So are products that can affect the appearance of a floor. All polishes (products that apply a protective coating) available on the consumer market are too shiny and do not match the very low levels of gloss of today’s floors. After treating the floor with a common polish of another brand the floor will lose it’s original matte appearance.



James Extra MattBy applying an extremely matt polish (protective layer) with James Extra Mat, the original top layer of the floor is extra protected and keeps the original matt floor’s appearance.

In the case of a glossy floor the hardened coating will give the floor a matt look, more suited to what you prefer nowadays. This way you don’t have to replace your older floor to get your floor matt and therefore trendy again, which saves a lot of money!

In the case of damages in the floor, James Extra Mat ensures that these damages are camouflaged and you do not see them anymore in everyday life.