Can I protect my carpet/furniture (fabric) preventively against external influences?



A new or cleaned textile, microfibre or (synthetic) leather product.



You can, with our James Fibre Protector Eco.

James Fibre Protector Eco is an impregnation agent for all textiles, microfibres and (artificial) leather and makes them water- and dirt-resistant by applying a protective layer to the product. It is applicable on a.o. carpet, rug, furniture, clothing, boxspring, shoes, curtain, car, caravan and boat upholstery, awnings, outdoor cushions and prams. It is also very valuable on materials such as viscose, silk, bamboo, nettle and cotton.

What makes James Fibre Protector Eco so unique?

  • It is an environmental, child and animal friendly product.
  • Is odourless
  • Free of hazardous substances (such as fluorocarbons)
  • Food-safe
  • UV-stable
  • Easy to apply

James Fibre Protector Eco has a strong chemical bond to the material, the surface can continue to breathe and it is invisible to the human eye. It also has a very high water and oil repellent effect.




In short; James Fibre Protector Eco is the odourless and harmless alternative for existing fibre protectors on the market. With the same effect, without harmful substances!