Protect a new sofa or not?



Materials such as viscose, linen, silk, bamboo, nettle and cotton can be sensitive to liquids. Maintenance and stain removal is generally more challenging on these materials, this is partly due to the characteristics of the material. This also applies to carpet and rugs.

Wool in particular but also synthetic fabrics are naturally more dirt-resistant and can therefore generally be easily cleaned and maintained with James products.



James-Fibre-Protector-EcoAn impregnated sofa provides more protection, it’s like putting a raincoat over the fibers. Fresh liquid stains in particular are then easier to remove. Due to the very high water and oil repellency of James Fiber Protector Eco, the risk of liquids being absorbed immediately is reduced. A treated sofa or chair reduces the chance of gloss changes and discoloration due to external influences.



James Fiber Protector Eco is ideal for preventive protection of a sofa or chair. This is optional but with the presence of pets or children a treatment with James Fibre Protector Eco is highly recommended. Our product works on any fiber so whatever your fabric is made of.

James Fiber Protector Eco is a fiber protector with unique features. It is an invisible, odorless and environmentally friendly impregnating product, free from hazardous substances (such as fluorocarbon)! Protects all textiles, microfiber and (artificial) leather.

James Fiber Protector Eco is often applied on carpets, rugs, fabrics, box springs, shoes, curtains, tablecloths, cars, caravan and boat upholstery, awnings, outdoor cushions and strollers.

People often think that a chair or sofa treated with a fiber protector or impregnation product will no longer get dirty. Despite the protection a sofa or chair obviously still gets smudged by skin grease/sebum and general soiling. Clean your sofa or chair regularly with James Interior Cleaner to keep it clean and fresh.