Can I protect my (hard) floor from scratches/stains? And/or repair them?



Scratches and/or streaks on your hard floor.



James has various products that protect your (water-resistant) floor against scratches and/or repair scratches.

A polish layer is an extra protective layer on your floor (in technical term: “polish”), this can be achieved by using James Semi Gloss (for a matt shine) or James Extra Matt (for an extra matt finish). It makes daily maintenance easier, protects the entire floor against daily influences such as sand, toys and nails from pets and gives the floor a uniform, nice appearance. Existing scratches and streaks are made invisible at the same time.

In case you have superficial scratches: James Floor Cleaner Protect & Restore. The superficial scratches and streaks disappear after a few mopping cycles due to the build-up of thin protective layers. Please note: with a drying time of 45 minutes, this product is not be suitable for everyone! Finish one bottle (about 10 mopping cycles) and then switch to James Floor Cleaner Clean & Quick Dry.



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