Can I protect my (hard) floor from scratches/stains? And/or repair them?



There are several possible causes for scratches in your floor, such as:

  • Sand or small pebbles
  • Moving chairs and furniture
  • Children’s toys
  • Pet nails



A stressful or abrasive movement of an object or dirt on your hard floor causes damage to the top layer of the floor. These scratches or streaks negatively affect the appearance of your floor.



Thorough cleaning
It is important to start with James Basic Cleaner. This will bring your floor back to the basics, the way it was meant to look originally. You won’t have any more stains or streaks after using it.

Preventive protection or camouflaging scratches
If you want to protect your floor preventively against scratches and streaks or if you want to camouflage existing scratches (including deep scratches), you can do so with James Semi Gloss or James Extra Matt. These products form an extra protective layer on the floor and ensure a beautiful, scratch- and streak-free end result. When new scratches or damage occur, it will be in the protective layer, not in your floor. This extends the lifespan of your floor! If you want to remove the protective layer, you can easily do so with James Basic Cleaner.

Camouflaging superficial scratches and streaks
Superficial scratches and streaks (which are hardly noticeable with your fingernail), which have developed over time (such as from sand under shoes, dog nails, children’s toys), can be camouflaged with James Floor Cleaner Protect & Restore. With cleaning and maintenance in one, this is an easy way to restore floors.
Ideal: mop one bottle of Protect & Restore completely empty (10 cycles) and then switch back to the daily cleaner: James Floor Cleaner Clean & Quick Dry. Scratches will no longer be visible and you will be able fully enjoy your floor again.

Daily maintenance and preventive measures to avoid damage

  • Sand or dirt
    Much of the normal dirt walked inside a home can be avoided by using entrance mats. Regular cleaning is necessary here. Make sure to remove sand and dust from the entrance mats several times a week, daily if necessary. You can pat them out or vacuum them with a hoover. It is also important to mop your floor regularly. Our James Floor Cleaner Clean & Quick Dry cleans your floor and dries quickly. This floor cleaner will not adversely affect your floor.
  • Chair, sofa or office chair
    Apply good protection. Pieces of felt under chair legs are not good protection; you will still scratch your floor. Choose protective coverings that really work. We have a good partnership with Scratch no More; they have a suitable solution for every piece of furniture to prevent damage to the floor. They use carpet instead of felt, so Scratch no More is guaranteed to be scratch-free. Do you use an office chair with wheels? If so, equip your office chair with special wheels suitable for hard floors. If you don’t have special wheels for hard floors, place a plastic floor protector on your floor to prevent damage.
  • Children’s toys
    Place an area rug where children can play on, this will reduce the chance of damaging the top layer of your floor. Also, an area rug will usually be warm and soft to the touch, so this offers extra comfort.