James Floor Cleaner Protect & Restore (Flask B)

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Remove superficial scratches while mopping

James Floor Cleaner Protect & Restore is a cleaner and maintenance product in one Restores surface scratches and stripes Ideal product if your floor has superficial scratches and stripes, or if a protective layer such as James Semi Gloss or James Extra Mat is not possible or desirable.

TIP! James Floor Cleaner Clean & Quick Dry is best suited for daily mopping.
Use Floor Cleaner Protect & Restore until one bottle is empty (the superficial scratches should certainly be gone by now) and then switch back to James Floor Cleaner Clean & Quick Dry.


James Floor Cleaner Protects & Restores is a cleaning and maintenance product in one and is suitable for all other moisture-resistant hard floors.

This cleaner, flask B in our Buying Guide, offers the following features:

  • Easily removes dirt while mopping
  • This product leaves a protective layer on your floor and thus extends the life of your floor
  • James Floor Cleaner Protect & Restore can restore surface scratches and stripes
  • Dirt-repellent and non-slip
  • Provides a matt appearance
  • Proudly A.I.S.E. certified and biodegradable
  • Also available in 10 L can

Because this cleaner also repairs your floor, it has a longer drying time, approx. 45 min. and do NOT step on the floor.

Additional information

Weight 1,15 kg
Dimensions 7,9 × 7,9 × 25,5 cm

1000 ml


Hard floor


Protect, Repair

Type of problem




Box Size


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1 review for James Floor Cleaner Protect & Restore (Flask B)

  1. Dutch

    Paul Knapen

    Ik heb pas geleden voor mijn moeder deze Laminaatreiniger gekocht. Zij gebruikte voordat ik deze kocht een allesreiniger. Echter zaten er na het reinigen nog steeds veel vlekken op de vloer. Nu dat mijn moeder deze James Laminaatreiniger gebruikt zijn er geen vlekken meer te zien na het reinigen. Kortom een topproduct voor een topprijs!

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