Couch (or carpet) looks smudgy



Over time a sofa, chair, rug, carpet, upholstered box spring, interior of your car, camper, caravan, boat and stroller, keyboard or mouse gets dirty. Not only general soiling, but skin grease/sebum will make your interior look smudgy.



Skin grease slowly makes your interiors or items look smudgy. This is clearly visible on furniture, especially on the armrest, headrest and where you grap/hold the furniture or the stroller.

In the car, motorhome, caravan or boat there will be skin grease and general soiling present (through use) on the upholstery of the seats, headrests, center console, armrest, steering wheel, gearshift, door trim, inside of windows, floor mats, headliner and cabinets (glass or painted surfaces).

General soiling also ensures that (incipient) disturbing walkways are visible on a rug or carpet (in high traffic areas). Pet beds on furniture, rugs or carpets also become smudgy due to skin grease and dirt.

Skin grease/sebum are also frequently present on a keyboard or mouse.



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