Spots and streaks after mopping



Stained or streaky floors are often caused by the use of cleaning agents that leave residue on the floor.



The often sticky soap residue attracts dirt, causes stains and stripes or creates a haze on the floor.



The remains of the old cleaning agent(s) must be thoroughly removed with James Basic Cleaner. This is a thorough cleaner and will bring your floor back to basics (the way it was meant to look originally). It does not affect your moisture-resistant hard floor.
Important with James Basic Cleaner: do not let product dry up. Remove the loosened soil and clean the floor thoroughly using clean water and a clean mop. Result: a floor with no stains or streaks! Clean at least twice a year (or more often if desired) with James Basic Cleaner to keep the floor perfectly clean.

Use a suitable cleaning agent for hard floors to prevent the problem from recurring. Use James Floor Cleaner Clean & Quick Dry for daily cleaning (or as often as you like). This cleaning agent is alcohol-based and it cannot cause streaking or staining as it leaves no residue on the floor. The old complaints regarding streaks and stains caused by soap residue on the floor will no longer occur.

Tip 1
Think your floor is clean? You can easily test this with James Basic Cleaner. Put some James Basic Cleaner (undiluted) on a white cloth and rub it back and forward over the floor a few times. Does your cloth stay white? Then your floor is really clean. Does your cloth gets dirty? The floor is (still) not completely clean. Repeat cleaning with James Basic Cleaner until the floor no longer releases dirt. Rinse the cleaned area afterwards with clean water.

Tip 2
Follow the instructions on the label for removing old wax layers to achieve the best results with James Basic Cleaner.

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