New name James Water: James Interior Cleaner

James Water has a new name: James Interior Cleaner!

This name lives up to the product much more and reveals its true nature as one of James’ most important products. We believe this new name will ensure that this product will find its way to even more households and businesses.

The name James Water will not go straight into the history books; the James Starterset and the James Staindisc will contain James Water for a longer period of time. The products are of course also recognizable by our logos on the Staindisc and the Stainwonder, Stainspray and James Interior Cleaner / James Water labels.

At the same time, we are introducing a new corporate identity, which will soon follow for Stainwonder and Stainspray. For the products for carpet and furniture, we are moving away from the well-known silver / black and going for matt and glossy black combined, supported by one of the James house colors on each of the three products.

James Interior Cleaner  can be used for your carpet, rug, sofa, chair, upholstery fabric, (PU) leather, window decoration, box spring, lacquered or glass tables, car or caravan interior, boat, pram, shoes, keyboard and mouse… too   much to mention! These are all places where, among other things, pollution, skin oils, sweat and fingerprints are left behind and James Interior Cleaner knows what to do. 

Truly one of our favorite products!

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