All you need to know about floor cleaners. Facts and fables.

All you need to know about floor cleaners

What qualities does a good floor cleaner need to have? Based on a customer question, we give you the right advice in this blog!

Floors are a costly investment, whether it’s the floor in the living room or in the bedroom. Therefore it’s important to maintain floors properly, so that we can enjoy them for as long as possible. We want our floors to look clean (without streaks or stains), the cleaning agent to smell fresh and the floor to retain the same quality and appearance as when it was first laid.

Many people are used to opening the kitchen cupboard and mopping with, for instance, an all-purpose cleaner. These are often available in all kinds of scents and colours and are cheap to buy. But are they actually good for our floors?

The name ‘all-purpose cleaner’ says it all: it’s too good to be true. It is impossible to have just one cleaner for all those different materials, which also works best for all those different materials and keeps its quality. Don’t get us wrong, all-purpose cleaners can be very handy for certain cleaning jobs (we also have them at home!) but for valuable floors we don’t recommend this kind of product. Floors deserve a special cleaning that addresses their specific qualities and a product that meets your need for a beautiful, clean floor.

Why not all cleaning products/floor cleaners are good for your (hard) floor

All-purpose cleaners and other ‘wrong’ floor cleaning products often contain soap. Again, soap can be very useful for certain cleaning jobs! But on floors, the risk is that the soap will leave a sticky residue, which can cause streaks, stains and unwanted layers. Also, soap often attracts a lot of dirt, which actually makes your floor dirtier instead of cleaner! The wrong cleaning product, or too much of one (all-purpose) cleaning product can make your floor too shiny, sticky or dull.

A good example: a day-care centre had been mopping with an all-purpose cleaner for a long time. They noticed that the floor was getting dirtier instead of cleaner. The children’s socks and clothes even got dirty, even though they had mopped that morning! And no matter how much they mopped, it did not get any better, with angry parents as a result, because the clean clothes were ready for the washing machine after only 4 hours of day care. This problem disappeared when they switched to our James product: Floor Cleaner Clean & Quick Dry (Flask A).

What makes our James floor cleaners such good floor cleaners?

James floor cleaners are carefully formulated with ingredients that are tailored to the qualities and top layers of water-resistant, hard floors. In short, cleaning products specifically aimed at prolonging the life span of your floor and maintaining its perfect appearance, exactly as you liked it when you bought it. For mopping your floor, we have two options.

Always good for everyone: James Floor Cleaner Clean & Quick Dry. James Floor Cleaner Clean & Quick Dry is the most ideal cleaning agent which can be used daily. It doesn’t contain any soap and thanks to the alcohol base the floor dries without a trace within minutes. Absolutely no residue is left behind on the floor, so your beautiful floor retains its own look. Used too much detergent? No problem: the floor dries even faster, cleans even better and the room smells even fresher.

James Floor Cleaner Protect & Restore is meant as a cleaning agent for when you have superficial scratches in your floor. These are the scratches you can hardly feel, but which stand out and disturb you in skimming light (when you look in the direction of a window). The superficial scratches and streaks disappear after a few mopping cycles due to the build-up of thin protective layers. Do pay attention to the drying time; the floor should not be walked on while it is drying; on average this takes 45 minutes. This product leaves a matt layer on your floor that subsequently (deliberately!) no longer dissolves with water. Empty one bottle (about 10 mopping sessions) and then switch to James Floor Cleaner Clean & Quick Dry for the best results.

The two James floor cleaners in a nutshell:

James Floor Cleaner Clean & Quick Dry (Flask A) is the perfect cleaner for everyone, every day.

This product cannot cause stains or streaks, not even when overdosed

The floor dries super-fast and the room smells nice and fresh

James Floor Cleaner Protect & Restore (Flask B) is ideal for superficial scratches

Fully mop up one bottle (10 mops), then switch back to Floor Cleaner Clean & Quick Dry.

Are the scratches not completely gone after 10 mops? Then use James Extra Matt or James Semi-Gloss.

Important tip: do you just have a new floor, or do you want to switch to James floor cleaners? First clean your floor thoroughly with James Basic Cleaner. This product brings the floor back to the base. All residues of old cleaning products are removed. James Basic Cleaner does not affect the floor.

Note: do you have a (mat or glossy) polish on your floor? r (stain remover) and two cotton cloths, free of charge! This will also be removed by James Basic Cleaner! If you want to apply a (new) polish, check out our products James Semi-Gloss or James Extra Matt.

Do you want to give your floor a good start? Then go for our set James Hard Floors. This set contains James Basic Cleaner, James Floor Cleaner Clean & Quick Dry, James Remover (stain remover) and two cotton cloths, free of charge!

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