How James handles the issue of sustainability

James & Sustainability

James wishes to limit the impact on the environment as much as possible by applying efficient and environmentally friendly business processes. We therefore see sustainable and socially responsible business as a matter of course.

James aims to save the environment as much as possible by using efficient and environmental friendly business processes. We strive to use innovative and sustainable ideas for our products and services. By applying these improvements and adjustments to our policy, James provides for a better environment.

In this blog you can read more about James & Sustainability.

James is affiliated with Cleanright, an   initiative of theA.I.S.E. (the International Association of Soap, Detergents and Maintenance Products), the official consumer portal of the detergent, cleaning and maintenance products industry. Cleanright has created the European sustainability labelthat James is proud to carry!


The label indicates that James adopts a holistic business strategy and implements high industry standards in the areas of environmental and social sustainability:

  • Efficient use of resources
  • Bio-based purchasing policy
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Packaging policy
  • Sustainable development goals

The James products

James continuously invests in the development of more environmentally friendly products (and services), of course while maintaining functionality and quality.

Polyethylene bottles
All James liquid products are packed in polyethylene bottles. The label is also made from polyethylene, so that the entire packaging can be processed at once at the waste management plant.

Tested for harmful environmental impact
James continually holds its individual ingredients up to the light to assess whether any environmental impact can be further minimized, if necessary with an adjustment in the recipes. James products are all biodegradable.

By the way, did you know that James not only thinks about the environment, but also about its users? For example, in 2020 we replaced the small amount of preservative necessary in several products for another, more expensive variant; without raising the price to our customers. The reason? The chance that someone will have an allergic reaction while using our products is now even many times smaller than before. Not that we were getting complaints, but we like to be ahead of the game!

Cleaning with water
In 1997 James was the first and is still the only producer of cleaning products who states on the Stain Wheel and website that 90% of all fresh stains can be removed with water!

The label of James Stainwonder even mentions that you shouldn’t use the product on a fresh stain, but that you should first treat it with a damp towel.

Recommended dosage
James always clearly states the recommended dosage when using cleaning products. Under these circumstances, the product performs optimally. Do not use more than the dosage indicates, this way no unnecessary cleaning product goes through the waste stream.

Reused shipping boxes
By reusing materials instead of throwing them away immediately, we can greatly reduce the burden on the environment. That is why James chooses to use reused boxes and forms of stuffing material as much as possible when sending (webshop) orders.

The business premises of James


The entire James building is maximally insulated (walls, floor, roof and window) and has received an A++++ rating for this. Even the water is completely softened to keep machines in an optimal state, without any form of scale.


James works exclusively with energy efficient LED lighting, no old fashioned light sources are used.

Green energy
The required power at James is completely generated by our own solar collectors. With its 80 solar collectors , James generates approximately 20.000 kWh of green energy on a yearly basis.

James’ entire premises in Venlo, including the storage hall,  are provided with floor heating. This causes the power needs for heating to be minimal.

The generated green power is more than sufficient for the total energy consumption of the entire James premises.

Means of transport

Company cars

Every company car is 100% electric; the way to minimize environmental impact and harmful emissions. Together with the solar panels and a charging station at the company premises, the kilometers driven (no more than necessary) become truly green.

We hope this blog has given you a (sustainable) look behind the scenes….. This is how we at James are contributing to a bright future! Will you join us?   

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