In the spotlight: James Interior Cleaner

Do you suffer from walkways in your carpet, does you furniture look gray or do you have dirty headrests or armrests in your car? Then continue reading!

James Interior Cleaner (formerly known as James Water) is a maintenance product for the periodic cleaning of carpet and upholstery made from natural as well as synthetic material. It cleans walkways on carpets and rugs and skin fat / sebum from upholstery fabrics.


Everyone living on a carpet or rug will eventually suffer from walkways. But what are walkways and how can they be removed?

Over time, carpet will get dirty. In high traffic areas like in the hallway, on the stairs or from the kitchen to the dining table, walkways will eventually evolve. The carpet will be flattened in these places and also be the first spots to look soiled. Walkways are disturbing, but this general soiling can be easily cleaned using James Interior Cleaner. You simply spray James Interior Cleaner on a dry, white cotton cloth and apply it to the carpet using long, sweeping strokes. You will see the cloth turns black of dirt and thus your carpet becomes clean. This way, you keep your carpet or rug looking fresh and clean.

Skin fat / Sebum

You own a new piece of furniture like a couch, seat or chair, but after a couple months a gray haze has formed on your armrest, headrest or cushion. These are skin fats (sebum) that have manifested temselves in the upholstery fabric. Skin fat / Sebum gives a couch, seat or chair an uncared for appearance. Cleaning regularly using James Interior Cleaner keeps a piece of furniture clean and like new.

Older furniture that has not been cared for can be cleaned and freshened up using James Interior Cleaner as well. Also think of your carseat, the center armrest in your vehicle or the favourite sleeping spot of your pet. You will be amazed by the results James Interior Cleaner can achieve!

No resoiling

James Interior Cleaner is biodegradable, pH neutral, has a pleasant odour. And as all other James products does not, in comparison to many other products on the market, cause resoiling. This is very important, because one does not want to perform cleaning where dirt attracting residue remains in the carpet or upholstery. Cleaning using soap or products containing soap do have this negative property which is not desirable; it must remain clean after a period of time.

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