Unique new product: James Extra Matt

James has succeeded, as the first manufacturer on the market, to create a unique product that responds to the recent developments in the flooring market. Vinyl and PVC floors that are currently flourishing in the market have an extra matt finish. James, like others in the market, did not have a suitable answer to this. Until today!

With our new product ‘James Extra Matt’, we introduce a polish (this is an additional protective layer that extends the lifespan of your hard floor) that can match the extra matt floors that up until today could not be equipped with a protective layer; simply because the available polishes are not matt enough and thus make the floor glossier. During development, we also looked at the mattest products from our competitors, like Dr. Schutz Supermat. This product resembles our James Semi Gloss, but James Extra Matt sets the new ultra matt standard!

What makes our product unique is that it is a consumer friendly, single component product, as are all James products for hard floors. This means that you can apply the product yourself, no machines or professional help required. Of course, James Extra Matt can also be removed using James Basic Cleaner; and again, no machines or professional help necessary. One does however benefit from that extra matt finish, with all the advantages this entails.

Our unique service for hard floors, the James Buying guide, has been adjusted accordingly. James Extra Matt has been implemented in question 2, where you now have the choice between a semi gloss or an extra matt protective layer. By using the James Buying guide, you easily get a tailored cleaning and maintenance advice for your hard floor based on your personal wishes and needs, it does not get any easier!

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