In the spotlight: James Stainwonder

Do you find stains such as red wine, coffee, tea, fruit and blood difficult? Or is your carpet or upholstery damaged after treatment? Then meet James Stainwonder!

James Stainwonder removes stains on carpet, rug and upholstery. Suitable for use on natural (like wool) and synthetic materials.

How it works

When you make a stain, the colour difference is the disturbing factor. To give an example, in the picture below are two red wine stains, yet only one on the two stains is disturbing:

Red wine (in)visible

The stain on the right, you want to immediately get started to remove it, whilst the stain on the left is not disturbing and you could theoretically leave it be.

What James Stainwonder does is remove that annoying colour difference. Incidentally, also the smell of a stain is neutralized, for example in case of a urine stain. Then, the product biologically degrades within 24 hours and both the stain and the product have disappeared.

Safe to use

What happens a lot in removing stains is that one dabs, scrubs hard or otherwise put a big strain on the carpet or upholstery. The result is, at best, that the stain may be removed, but that the material is affected by the heavy strain. It is like a beard has appeared on your carpet or upholstery caused by scrubbing, or the spot remains visible because the dabbing has weakened the yarns in such a way that the carpet does not fully recover to its original position.

Using James Stainwonder this is not possible, the product does all the work for you!
It is very easy to use: take the cap off, hold the bottle upside down and moisten the stain, put the cap back on. The vast majority of stains will disappear within 12 hours!

Even old stains are easy to remove, even a year old red wine stain!

No resoiling

No resoiling James Stainwonder does not cause resoiling, just like all other James products. This is very important, so that after a period of time a stain does not reappear. Sadly, this is by far not the industrial standard yet and herewith James is also one of the leaders in the market with ‘The finishing touch’.

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