The notorious red wine stain

The red wine stain, the most notorious stain. No single stain is welcome, but certainly not the red wine stain. It just got or is getting cozy with a glass of red wine, and then the glass tips over. Panic! Now what?!

First of all: no panic. Stay calm and think of the correct first step to take. Above all, do not listen to the many “advices and solutions” that are often mentioned, because that is where danger lurks. Just to inform you right off of the bat: a red wine stain is in almost all cases no problem for James Stainwonder!

A number of persistent myths and the true, corresponding facts.

Myths & Facts

Myth: Sprinkle salt on the stain. The salt will extract the wine and the stain disappears.
Fact: Salt fixates colours. There is a serious risk the salt will fixate the red colour in your carpet, rug or upholstery. Should this happen, the stain cannotbe removed anymore! The result of using salt is often an even darker red stain. Certainly a no go, but it is always good to try James Stainwonder, since we do not know whether the stain has been fixated or not and the stain might still be removed completely.

Myth:Pour white wine on the stain. This results in the removal of the red wine stain.
Fact: What you actually do is dillute the red wine. This could have been done, by figure of speach, with water. The problem is, next to the fact it is a waste of your white wine, it contains sugars. Sugars are a sticky residue that attract dirt, resulting in black spots in your carpet as time goes by. Rinsing with water is not a solution, as you will never be able to remove all the sugar yourself.

Myth: Pouring milk, beer, gin, etc. on the red wine stain will make it disappear.
Fact: You attempt to remove a stain by creating another. On clothing that might not be a problem, as they can go straight into the washing machine afterwards. On clothing that might not be a problem, as they can go straight into the washing machine afterwards. However, that does not apply to your carpet or upholstery. In addition, the result is far from ideal.

Myth: A red wine stain can be removed using vinegar.
Fact: Using vinegar, you take the unnecessary risk of fixating the red colour into the yarn. Vinegar is an agressive product that will damage many carpets in the long run. Also, it has a very low pH value that may cause discolouration.

Myth:A steam cleaner can remove many stains, also red wine.
Fact: A steam cleaner works at temperatures of 90°C. This is also the temperature dyers use to fixate colours into the yarns. Thus, here you also run the risk of fixating the red colour into the yarn. When this happens, the damage cannot be undone. A steam cleaner, apposed to what the manufacturer may claim on the packaging or in commercials, is notsuitable for cleaning carpet or upholstery.

The solution

The first step is very simple. In case of a fresh stain, take a white cotton cloth, hold it under the (cold) tap, wring it out and place it flat on the stain (do not use sparkling water, this does not help. Water has the cleaning ability, air bubbles do not transport dirt). Leave the cloth to dry completely, without peaking.
Is the stain still visible after this treatment? Leave the stain to dry completely, then use James Stainwonder to remove the stain easily and effectively.

Follow the links for precise instructions for the removal of a red wine stain out of carpet and out of upholstery.

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