New packaging James Starterset

James proudly presents its new packaging for the James Starterset. We are constantly looking for improvements and opportunities to not only improve our product experience, but also to further relieve the environment.

Good products come in innovative packaging. The new packaging material from the James Starterset can be recycled along with the bottles and labels, because the raw materials are matched. In addition, the James Staindisc is now full colour printed on the packaging instead of being supplied loose in the packaging, on double sided laminated paper; however of course still separately available in its old form, it is difficult to recycle.

Plastic is a more environment friendly material to produce than the old cardboard packaging; it does not cost any trees and there is less energy and much less water needed to produce plastic. Especially if a plastic container is used over a longer period, the benefits are unambiguous. In our new design, with the James Staindisc printed on the packaging, a long life is guaranteed. It is a sustainable packaging: resealable, can take a beating and resists any wetness.

Weight saving also plays an important role. The new cleaning set is 100 grams lighter, this equates to a weight saving of 22%. Lower weight means reducing the environmental impact of worldwide transport.

The new packaging gives the James Starterset a new, fresh and modern look. Along with the familiar products James Water, James Stainwonder and James Stainspray, in combination with a cotton cloth and the James Staindisc, it remains the outstanding kit for cleaning, maintenance and stain removal from carpets, rugs and upholstery.

The new James Starterset is available as of today and will over time, instead of the old box, be on the shelf at a retail store near you.

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