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Growing carpet

11 November 2010


Sustainable and double innovation: “Growing” carpet

ERUTAN® is the most environmentally friendly wall-to-wall carpet on earth exclusively consisting of natural materials. At the end of its life, the carpet can literally be returned to nature without burden. The revolutionary development of ERUTAN® fits into the overall aim of creating sustainable products. It is the first carpet worldwide with a fully closed biological cycle. ERUTAN® contributes to a healthier living environment and ensures the ‘health’ of mother earth. The ‘growing carpet’ is an initiative of Best Wool Carpets, James and Bond Textile Research.

ERUTAN® is the solution
For decades one attempts to find solutions for the reuse of kilometres of discarded carpets. The biggest problem is that the top and backing of carpets consist of different oil-based raw materials. Reuse of these materials is a challenge but due to the bonding method recycling is not optimal that is why most of the carpets are burnt in incinerators. Three companies from the south of the Netherlands, united in ERUTAN B.V., have found a breakthrough, which also forms the basis for the development of other products.

ERUTAN® is a sensation
ERUTAN®, reading “nature” backwards, is a fully natural carpet. As fibres natural raw materials are used, which are renewable and not harmful for the environment. These materials “grow” together by means of a special, patented biotechnology. This natural fixation is funda-mentally different from conventional methods applied in the carpet industry and is therefore the key innovation of ERUTAN®. Until now, the bonding between the top and the backing is obtained by using “synthetic” latex that needs to be vulcanised at high temperatures in large gas-fired ovens. For both, the latex and the high temperatures fossil fuels are required. In addition, these materials cannot or can only be partially separated from each other for reuse. This is one of the biggest problems in processing carpet at its end of life. ERUTAN® does not have these disadvantages. The revolutionary process does not require additional heating during manufacture (essential energy saving potential), moreover only fully renewable raw materials are used. Therefore the ERUTAN®-carpet can be completely returned to nature. One of the spectacular possibilities is to sow grass seeds onto the discarded carpet and use it for landscaping. Another unique characteristics of the fibres used in ERUTAN®-carpets is their fantastic potential of absorbing moisture that is slowly released to the environment. By using ERUTAN® for landscaping desiccation of nature can be prevented.

Introduction of ERUTAN®
The development of ERUTAN® is fully in agreement with the idea of the Dutch World Horticultural Expo FLORIAE 2012 in Venlo. FLORIADE therefore offered the initiators of ERUTAN® as the only carpet manufacturer space on the FLORIADE-terrain. The carpet will be presented to the general public within an own pavilion. During the world's leading trade fair for floor coverings Domotex (15 - 18 of January, 2011 in Hannover) the innovative design will be introduced. Up from 2012 the innovative “growing” carpet is for sale for both the contract and the residential market at a very attractive price. ERUTAN® is the result of years of technological research and is patented worldwide.

ERUTAN® and open innovation
The Dutch invention ERUTAN® is made possible by the European Regional Development Fund, the Government, the Provinces of Limburg and Brabant and OP-Zuid. Within OP-Zuid Innovation ERUTAN® has the highest priority.

Growing carpet