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Textile interior: Protection, Maintenance & Stain removal

24 September 2021

Textile interior: Protection, Maintenance & Stain removal

Do you want to protect and properly maintain your (textile) interior? 

In this blog you will read everything about how to keep your interior as beautiful and clean as possible and thus extend its life span.

Do you want to protect your interior preventively against negative external influences? Then James Fibre Protector Eco is the right product for you. This impregnating agent is for all textiles, microfibres and (imitation) leather and makes them water- and dirt-resistant. Here you can read all about this unique James product.

With James Interior Cleaner you can maintain and freshen up your interior. You can use it for anything that is not a stain, but still not clean. Think of dirty spots, skin greases and walkways on carpet and/or rug. James Interior Cleaner really is multi-applicable.

Got some real stains? Did you know that 90% of fresh stains can be removed by simply using water? Through our website you can use our stain search engine to easily search for all kinds of stains and get advice on how to best remove them. If you suffer from persistent and/or dried up stains, James Stainwonder and James Stainspray are the right products for you.

With James Stainwonder and James Stainspray you very easily remove stains from your carpet and/or upholstery fabric. James Stainwonder is applicable on water-based stains; a.o. red wine, coffee and tea stains. James Stainspray can be used for grease- and oil-based stains, such as shoe polish, oil, paint and glue residues. With these two products you are always well prepared for all kinds of stains in your carpet and/or upholstery fabric!

We hope that by reading this blog you have gained more insight in how to maintain your (textile) interior in the best possible way and enjoy it longer.

Below you will find a product overview of the different products you can order for your (textile) interior.

  • Premium Set James Textile - a complete set with all the products described above.
    You will also receive a James Staindisc and cotton cloth for free.
  • Set James Textile - in this set you find the products James Interior Cleaner, James Stainwonder and James Stainspray and also included is a cotton cloth and the James Staindisc, all for free.
  • James Starterset Carpet & Upholstery Set - would you like to try our products first?

In this set you will find small versions of James Interior Cleaner, James Stainwonder and James Stainspray. A cotton cloth and a James Staindisc printed on the packaging are included.

Of course our products are also available separately. You can find them in our webshop.

Textile interior: Protection, Maintenance & Stain removal