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Quality Maintenance Control - QMC-007

In 2007 our company developed the “Quality Maintenance Control”, abbreviated QMC-007. With this world-wide unique testing machine the cleaning and maintenance possibilities of different materials (carpets, rugs, flat floors and upholstery fabrics) are mapped. This testing equipment gives an objective and reliable answer to questions such as:

  • Can this rug or carpet be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner with a powered brush?
  • Can a particular upholstery be cleaned using the spray extraction method?
  • Is the rug or carpet suitable for powder- and/or pad cleaning?
  • Which detergent and which dosage will give the best results (measured on a standard soiled sample)

Research for manufacturers

Knowledge in advance about maintenance of individual qualities is invaluable for manufacturers and suppliers, for consumers and project users as well as for professional cleaning companies. That knowledge prevents disappointment in use, possible failures and expensive complaints. Many manufacturers have their products tested at an early stage, to find out how their new quality maintains itself in practice. Should this prove to be insufficient, there may still adjustments be done to optimize the product.

In 2008, our testing machine QMC-007 won the second prize in the “MKB Limburg Innovation Award” contest. Also in 2008, QMC-007 was nominated for the “Herman Wijffels Innovation Award”.

Here you can see a demonstration film of the QMC-007:

James personal maintenance advice

The result of a test on our machine is not only beneficial for the manufacturer. At the same time it is also beneficial for you, because from a tested quality you can download a free custom made maintenance advice!

Click on the following link to receive within a minute a custom made advice for your home situation: James personal maintenance advice.

Research on vacuum cleaners

Meanwhile, the features of this testing machine have been extended with the unique ability to assist vacuum cleaner manufacturers with the design of optimized vacuum cleaner nozzles. As we are able to measure the air speed and the vacuum on every mm2 under a nozzle in the carpet, the weaknesses of a nozzle are precisely registered.

Research on vacuum cleaners QMC

We are already able to keep the performance of a nozzle at the same level with a 25% lesser energy consumption of the vacuum cleaner!