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Personal advice

The new, worldwide patented testing machine Quality Maintenance Control makes it possible to perform objective and reproducable research for cleaning carpet and upholstery fabrics.

Prior knowledge about the possibilities of cleaning individual qualities is invaluable to producers, suppliers, consumers, project users and professional cleaning companies. This knowledge prevents disappointment in general use, blunders and expensive claims.

Objective research supplies maintenance information on every single carpet or upholstery fabric. James is capable of providing a washing label for each product. James translated this into the personal maintenance advice. This advice provides information on daily, periodic and occasional maintenance.

With the QMC-007, James has been nominated for the following innovation prizes:

  • Herman Wijffels prize 2008
  • SME Limburg Innovation prize 2008

At the SME Limburg Innovation prize, James won the 2nd prize out of 150 entries!

Please click here to see a demonstration movie of QMC-007