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Remove scorch-mark stain from laminate

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Solution for your Scorch-mark stain

You would like a solution for your scorch-mark stain or perhaps you have one of the related stains: scorch-mark, burn spot, mold, fire stain, mold. Your laminate floor must of course look spotless again soon! Don't panic, our solutions will assist you and ensure that you will get your laminate floor in top condition again; and keep it that way.

What is very important: do not use home-garden-and-kitchen remedies on your laminate floor! These have not been tested and are certainly not specially formulated for your laminate floor. Did you know that many manufacturers actively recommend the use of James products on their materials? In collaboration with those manufacturers, we test their material in our laboratory in order to offer you the best possible solution. Quickly find out the best solution for your Scorch-mark, Burn Spot, Mold, Fire stain, Mold stains and which product you might need for that!

You mop a floor with products that are specially made for floor maintenance. Unlike an all-purpose cleaner or other household remedies, these do not cause stains, streaks or dull floors and they do not damage your floor!

Treatment of fresh stains

Treatment with James Remover

This stain can be treated with James Remover. Always test for colour fastness and material perpetuation in an inconspicuous area: apply, leave on for 5 minutes and evaluate.

  • Spray directly onto the purpose area
  • Leave to soak for about 1 to 5 minutes
  • Then, use a white cotton cloth to remove the grease
  • Persistent stains may be treated carefully with a soft brush or plastic spatula. After use, always clean the area with water!
  • After use, always clean the area with water.

Attention: be careful when working near a glue seams. Allow James Remover to soak in shortly. Do not let the product penetrate into cracks or seams.

Treatment of dried stains

No cleaning possible, alternative solution

This stain has caused permanent damage to the floor. The stain cannot be removed by cleaning.

Please note: the alternative solution below may work very well, but may also locally affect the embossing (structure) of your floor, which cannot be repaired. Scratches caused by the use of sandpaper can often be camouflaged.

If necessary, without damaging the rest of the floor, try carefully sanding away the discolouration with sandpaper so that the spot is less or no longer visible. If the discolouration is too deep, it is better not to sand any further.

There will be scratches from the sandpaper. Did you succeed in removing the discolouration? The scratches in the floor can then be camouflaged by applying James Extra Matt or James Semi Gloss.