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Revolutionary: James Fibre Protector Eco! The odourless and environmentally friendly alternative to existing fibre protectors on the market. With the same effect, without harmful substances.

James Extra Matt (3)


James Extra Matt is a unique product on the market!
It provides an extra matt protective layer that is non-slip and scratch resistant. Almost all extra matt floors will stay extra matt after application. Suitable for vinyl, PVC, LVT, linoleum, rubber and natural and artificial stone floors.

This product, step 2 in our Buying guide, offers the following features:

  • Removable protective layer that extends the lifespan of your floor
  • Most scratches and stripes occur in the protective layer, not in your floor and are therefore repairable
  • James Extra Matt is dirt-repellent
  • Gives your floor an extra matt appearance
  • We do not advise to use this product on plain dark floors (streaks could be visible once dried up)
  • One bottle is sufficient for approximately 20 m2
  • Also available in 10 L can

Before you use this product on your (new) floor or if, in course of time, you want to apply a new layer, you need to clean the floor first using James Basic Cleaner.

For the daily cleaning and maintenance of your floor, you may use one of our products for vinyl & PVC or other hard floors.

More information in our blog post "Unique new product: James Extra Matt".

Do you have a larger surface to treat? Don't forget to add an extra flask(s) to your order!


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