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James free maintenance advice

26 May 2015

You are about to buy a beautiful carpet or rug, or have just rolled out your new acquisition. Your room shines renewed atmosphere, warmth and cosiness, exactly what you wanted. But of course it should stay clean, therefore maintenance is of utmost importance. Carpet needs maintenance just like a hard flooring, but it has to be the right maintenance. But what is the right maintenance?

James has a free unique service: the James personal maintenance advice! This is a maintenance advice tailored to your personal living situation. We have been working with the most important carpet manufacturers and distributors for decades. We test their carpets on our testing machine in our lab, with which we can test how a specific carpet should be maintained. So that means a tailored advice for each carpet! The right maintenance increases the lifespan of your carpet or rug and it stays beautiful throughout the years.

There is a good chance we also tested the carpet you selected. Possibly you already received this advice from your retailer, but you can download it yourself as well. On the following link, maintenance advice for carpet and rug, you can select your manufacturer and carpet quality. Then, answer just a few questions concerning your personal living situation and within 1 minute you will receive the perfect advice for your carpet or rug. Vacuum cleaning, stain removal, maintenance, professional cleaning, tips, advices and instructions; everything on hand in one concise, personalised advice. And above all: it is free!

Are you interested to see how such an advice is created? Have a look at the short video below. Download your own maintenance advice now!

James free maintenance advice