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New: James Fibre Protector Eco! The odourless and environmentally friendly alternative to existing fibre protectors on the market. With the same effect, without harmful substances.
Been on holiday with the caravan or motor home? Park it clean and fresh!

James Stainwonder (can)


James Stain Wonder is a stain remover for stains on carpet, rug and upholstery of both natural (such as wool) and synthetic materials. Also old stains are often still easily to remove, even an old red wine stain!

This stain remover offers the following features:

  • Removes stains such as from red wine, coffee, tea, fruits and blood
  • Very easy to use: apply and ready, the product does the job
  • James Stain Wonder is biodegradable
  • Causes no re-soiling
  • Tip: the Jerrycan tap is great for easy usage.


5 L


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