Maintenance advice

Cleaning and maintenance of leather or artificial leather


Leather is a natural product and a special material. Artificial leather also has its unique qualities and needs to be maintained properly to avoid problems. The application of the right cleaning products with the right chemical composition is important for the success of the cleaning, as well as the way or method in which this cleaning product is used.

James tests its stain removers and professional maintenance products in its own laboratory. On this page you will find general maintenance advice for leather and artificial leather. You will also read where you can find more specific information about cleaning and maintaining leather and artificial leather. Always test everything you ever apply (even water) in an inconspicuous place first, for color and material resistance.


Preventive measures ensure fewer complaints

As we mentioned above, leather is a natural product. It is subject to daily use (skin oils and sweat), heat, dry air and sunlight. Improper use can result in leather becoming dull and/or stiff. This makes it all the more important to pay special (preventive) attention to it!

We recommend weekly dusting of leather and if necessary vacuuming, with a soft brush head, where necessary (such as crumbs in the seams). This will remove dander, dust, crumbs and other contaminants.

Further tips:

  • Colors may fade under the influence of (sun) light. If you place the leather or artificial leather in a place where it is exposed to direct sunlight, make sure that curtains or blinds protect the leather or artificial leather.
  • Do you have a stain in the leather or artificial leather? Do not use aggressive household and kitchen detergents, this will cause cracks over time.
  • Make sure the humidity in your home is between 50% and 60%, these are the optimum conditions for (artificial) leather and for your own health.
  • Use special cleaning products for leather and artificial leather. Below you can read more about our James products that can be used on leather and/or imitation leather.

Protection, Maintenance and Stain Removal



To preventively protect leather or imitation leather against all kinds of harmful external influences, we have developed James Fibre Protector Eco. This is a unique, invisible, odorless, human, animal and environmentally friendly fibre protector, which is free of hazardous substances (such as fluorocarbons). It protects all textiles, microfiber and leather or imitation leather and makes them water, oil and dirt repellent. Cleaning with the James products mentioned below remains possible for persistent stains and smudges.



If you regularly clean your leather or imitation leather from the day of purchase with James Interior Cleaner, it will stay beautiful for much longer. It is a maintenance product with which you can freshen up your leather or articifial leather; you will enjoy a fresh look for longer, because you will effectively remove any soiling. You can check yourself if it is necessary to (locally) clean your leather or imitation leather: spray James Interior Cleaner on a dry, white cotton cloth and rub in long strokes over the leather or artificial leather. If the cloth becomes dirty, repeat the cleaning on a clean spot on the towel until no more dirt comes off the material. Read the instruction manual for further instructions.



James Quick Cleaner is suitable for cleaning all synthetic coverings such as artificial leather, SKAI or PU leather. James Quick Cleaner in spray bottle is already diluted and therefore immediately ready for use; you can easily apply it by using a cotton cloth. It does not contain any danger symbols and can therefore be used in many places. It is even capable of removing many persistent stains. You should always wipe with clean water after use. Read the instruction manual for further instructions.


LEATHER: if you have persistent stains that do not go away, you should look for a leather expert. Also for feeding leather you need to turn to a leather expert.

ARTIFICIAL LEATHER: persistent stains can possibly be removed by James Quick Cleaner, which is even more powerful than James Interior Cleaner.

James products are exclusively available through our website, the better home furnishing shops or specialty stores.

Maintaining your leather or artificial leather

And how do you maintain your (artificial) leather properly? Good maintenance allows you to enjoy your furniture every day because it looks perfect. The beauty is that it is not difficult at all, but the right products and steps are key here. Your average household products are not the answer, which is why the most famous brands advise James: your (imitation) leather looks beautiful and it stays that way. Tomorrow as well. Clean using James products and enjoy a fresh interior every day.

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Maintenance advice

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With James Interior Cleaner you can, especially if you are quick, remove stains on your leather or imitation leather. Is the stain not removed (completely)? For leather, you should then turn to a leather specialist, who has very specific products for this. For artificial leather you can try James Quick Cleaner, which has an even higher cleaning power and is especially made for artificial leather, among other things.

Yes, this is possible with James Fibre Protector Eco. As it is a smooth material and a liquid is likely to drip off, you should apply it with a paint roller. The result is the same: any liquids you spill will remain on the material and can be wiped off with a cloth.

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