Should I remove a stain by dabbing or wiping?



A stain on your carpet or upholstery that you would like to remove. Or a general cleaning to remove smudges.





A moist carpet or upholstery is very vulnerable. When you dab, especially on natural materials such as wool (think of your own hair: it is also vulnerable when wet), you can break the fibre. This damage cannot be undone. You may have removed the stain, but this damage is permanent and probably bothers you even more than the original stain. The carpet or upholstery will always look different at that spot.

Please act as follows: Use a white cotton cloth and wipe the stain with it in calm, large strokes as if you were petting a dog. You may do this in any direction, so that each side of the fibre is cleaned. Definitely do not scrub, this also increases the risk of damage.