Is carpet suited for persons suffering from allergies?



Yes, carpet is better for your health than a hard floor.



A study performed by the German Asthma and Allergy Association (DAAB), shows that carpet is healthier for an allergic person than a hard floor covering. A carpet holds on to fine dust, so that it does not circulate through the air and thus does not bother the allergic person as much.

The average quantity of fine dust in homes with a hard floor covering is twice as high as in homes with carpet floors and hereby exceeds the set limit of 50 µg/m³. For instance, if the outside air exceeds the limit of 50 µg/m³, the maximum speed on roads is immediately lowered. The research shows that the average quantity of fine dust in homes with a hard floor is on average 62,9 µg/m³. In homes with a carpet floor the quantity is on average 30,4 µg/m³.

House dust mite is everywhere and needs three elements to grow: nurture, moist and heat. These three elements are on a piece of furniture (where you sit) or in the bed (where you sleep). In carpet, the elements moist and heat are not present. House dust mite does not grow in carpet, but is present through air circulation.



It is very important that you vacuum your carpet properly, preferably with an electric powered brush vacuum cleaner. Such a vacuum cleaner brushes up the carpet poles and brushes captured dust and dirt loose so that it can be vacuumed. A vacuum cleaner with a flat mouth piece removes less dust and dirt from the carpet.

A person suffering from allergies may not vacuum! 20 minutes after vacuum cleaning the air has stabilized and fine dust has settled down. Then, an allergic person can enter the room without any problems.

Source: German Asthma and Allergy Association, June 2005


Proper maintenance (like vacuum cleaning on a regular basis) is very important.
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