Footprints quickly appear on carpet although everyone takes off their shoes



Residue from maintenance and cleaning products, for example for the upkeep of laminate, vinyl, PVC, LVT, parquet, tiles, marble and lino flooring.



These maintenance and cleaning products are carried by foot from hard floors to carpeted areas. The product is regularly used to maintain a hard floor, but the residue is caught in the carpet and collects dust and dirt.



This is easy to clean with James Interior Cleaner! However, this does need to be repeated several times over time, to remove a part of the soiling each time.

The best solution is through the so-called spray extraction method. This is rinsing the carpet clean with water combined with a correct cleaning agent (it should NOT be soap-based!), such as James Cleansoft (for wool) or James Cleanmaster (for synthetic material).

Check out the companies James recommends to have your carpet or furniture professionally cleaned.

Method James Interior Cleaner:

  1. First, vacuum the carpet thoroughly
  2. Spray James Interior Cleaner on a cotton cloth and wipe the purpose area using wide, sweeping strokes
  3. Repeat the treatment until the carpet is clean