Can a stain or dried stain be removed?



A settled or dried stain in your carpet or upholstery.



Yes, a settled or dried stain can be removed.



A dried stain can solely be removed using a James stain remover, whilst fresh stains can often be removed using tap water. Therefore, it is wise to immediately start treatment by placing a damp cotton cloth on the stain.

A dried or persistent stain can be treated using James Stainwonder or James Stainspray. Please follow the instructions of our Stain search engine, where more than 1500 stain solutions are provided.

For instance, a red wine stain from a half year ago can be easily removed, but only if no other treatment has been performed. If you have already done so, James Stainwonder is still the best solution, but your carpet or upholstery fabric may already be (permanently) damaged by the products already used.