black marks under a sofa or armchair, or areas not normally in use or trodden on.



Spillage of cleaning detergent.



During major cleaning or the cleaning of windows (when the furniture is moved), window leathers or cloths are often left on the carpet. These cleaning products leave a sticky residue when they are dried out. This sticky substance attracts dust and dirt and manifests itself in the form of black spots or marks.



First try cleaning with plain water.
Moisten a cotton cloth with cold water, wring it out and rub the stain with gentle, large strokes. Do not dab!
If the treatment with water is not satisfactory, the stain is most probably caused by some oil or fatty product. Fat and oil stains can be removed by using James Stainspray.
Spray James Stainspray on a cotton cloth and wipe the stain with wide sweeping strokes. Repeat treatment until the stain does not give off anymore dirt.