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Revolutionary: James Fibre Protector Eco! The odourless and environmentally friendly alternative to existing fibre protectors on the market. With the same effect, without harmful substances.

Black marks 'spontaneously' appear on the carpet.


  • Liquids like lemonade and fruit juices (children of all ages), plant feed and so on, that leave a sticky residue once dried out.
  • Saliva from pets that dries out and leaves a sticky residue.
  • Oil or fatty products that turn sticky when dried out.


The sticky residue attracts dust and other dirt particles, appearing in the form of black marks on the carpet.


First try cleaning with plain water:

Wet a cotton towel with plain cold water, wring it out and wipe the stain with wide sweeping strokes. Do not dab! Whilst drying cover the spot with a moist cotton towel.

Cleaning with James Stainspray:

If the treatment with water is not satisfactory, the stain is most probably caused by some oil or fatty product. Fat and oil stains can be removed by using James Stainspray.

Spray James Stainspray on a cotton cloth and wipe the stain with wide sweeping strokes. Do not dab! Repeat treatment until the stain does not give off anymore dirt.