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The way James expands in Europe...

James was founded in 1927. In the beginning, wax- en cleaning products were produced, solely for selling in The Netherlands. The products were sold to schools, abbeys and government buildings.


Mr. Chris Reutelingsperger becomes president of the company and James specialises in the development of cleaning products for carpets, rugs and upholsteries, meant for professional cleaners.


James starts selling cleaning products to consumers via retailers (interior shops). In addition, James starts to provide advices and instructions about maintenance and stain removal of carpets, rugs and upholsteries.


The Staindisk is introduced. 98% of all existent persistent stains can be removed with the aid of the instructions on this Staindisk! This disk caught the attention from the industry with its clear and simple text.

Since James provides honest information (most fresh stains can be removed with just plain tap water!), more and more manufactures are interested in James. The Staindisk is supported by a telephone number, which one can call for further information.

Edel is the first carpet manufacturer to engage in a co-operation with James, and adds the Staindisk to each carpet sold.


James initiates the start of the SWTM, The Dutch foundation of Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning. Members of the foundation are professional and certified cleaners. James has trained all these companies on maintenance. James becomes the secretary/ treasurer of the foundation.

In 1997 co-operations are initiated with carpet manufacturers BeWe and ECOmfort.


The first export country is England. The English Staindisk as well as English labels for the products are printed, and an English telephone line is manned.

A co-operation is started with rug manufacturer Carpet Sign.


Co-operations are initiated with carpet manufacturers MID Carpets, Interfloor, Object Carpet and Desso.

James starts handling complaints of consumers for several manufacturers. Due to the experience we gather while handling complaints, we notice the lack of knowledge about maintenance and stain removal.

Therefore James starts with workshops on these subjects. The workshops are meant for manufacturers, suppliers and the sales people (retailers). The participants learn about maintenance and stain removal of carpets, rugs and upholstery in a practical manner.


Export is expanded to Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Austria. Distributors and agents are hired. Each language has its own Staindisk and supportive telephone line. The labels of the James products are also provided in each language. James provides services, solutions and products in six languages!

Co-operations are initiated with Arte Espina and Zeno Protect.


Co-operations are initiated with carpet manufacturers BIC Carpets, Nouwens Bogears and Tarkett. Sales in foreign countries are improved. Our contact persons are further educated to be able to answer he telephone lines and give solutions for questions.

James builds its first website in the year 2001, www.james.nl. The website is available in Dutch, English, and German language and is purely informative. A large database is installed which contains many simple solutions for common stains.

Via the website we receive many questions about certain stains, for which no answer is available immediately. James starts with testing these stains in its own laboratory. The solutions for these stains are put online in the database and can be found by using the search engine.


James participates in a European project called Protex. Protex is short for Modified Proteases for the Reduction of Felting and Shrinkage of Wool Textiles. In this project, James and the other participating companies develop new cleaning agents for wool, based on modified enzymes.

The James website is expanded with the Italian, Spanish and French language.

Co-operations are initiated with upholstery manufacturers Alcantara and De Ploeg.


James participates in a second European Project named VITA. VITA is short for Virtual Interior Textile Academy. In this project, an internet course on carpet is developed. Learning modules on materials, production, installing carpet, sales and maintenance are made. James writes the module maintenance and cleaning.

In the year 2003 export is expanded to Finland, Ireland and Cyprus. Two new languages (Finnish and Greek) are added to the website, the Staindisk, the labels of the products and the supportive telephone lines.

Co-operations are initiated with furniture manufacturer Leolux, carpet manufacturer Bonar Floors and rug manufacturer Karpi.


For the first time, James tests carpets on cleaning possibilities. From several manufactures all qualities are checked. The collected information is converted to a personal maintenance advice. This personal advice can be downloaded by a dealer through our website. The advice is made in consideration of the type of quality, the room where it is placed in the house and the composition of the household.

The website of James, www.james.nl, is fully restyled. The website is even more informative than before and contains among others a database of solutions for hundreds of different stains. Furthermore, there is a database of more than 1000 carpets, rugs and upholsteries which have been tested on cleaning possibilities.

Co-operations are initiated with Holland Carpet, van Besouw, Isku, Intercarpet, LifeStyle Carpets, Enia Carpets, Bonaparte and Parade.

More and more workshops are organised in Europe. Many sales people have regained their faith in selling carpets and upholstered furniture and are no longer afraid for questions about maintenance and stain removal.

Finally in 2004, initial contacts are made for possible export to China.


Both European projects Protex and VITA have ended. VITA-Academy has started to sell the learning modules in Europe. James becomes chairman of VITA-Academy.

The export of James is further expanded to the Scandinavian countries Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Agents are trained to answer the corresponding telephone lines.

New co-operations are initiated with Best Wool, Ambiant, Gebroeders Willard, Negotap, Rinos, Sofatex, Eelco Gerlag International, TWN, Wool Classics, Gabriel, Tandus and Karté Karpets. Due to these new co-operations, 98% of all Dutch carpet manufacturers work with James! This is very special if you know that The Netherlands is the second largest carpet and rug producing country of the world!

James has written the chapter “Cleaning and Maintenance” for the ECRA (European Rug and Carpet Organisation). This text will be presented in the new book about carpet, which the ECRA will publish in 2006. The fact that ECRA has asked James to write this chapter, shows that the European umbrella of carpet organisations confirms that James is the expert in the field of maintenance.

James takes on Jolanda van der Spiegel as a Dutch agent. She will be visiting interior decorators.


James sells its products in China and 14 European countries, and provides them in 10 different languages!

Since there are too many interior decorators to visit for one person alone, James starts a cooperation with Forinn. Their sales team will be actively visiting all Dutch interior decorators.

James starts a cooperation with A la Carte, Brink & Campman, Dutch-Carpets and Longbarn.

James also starts participating in the European project Enzup, the sequal to the successful Protex project. In this project, James is cooperating to invent new cleaning products for wool on an enzymatic basis.


James starts another European project, Hygiene for Health. This is an international project for knowledge exchange between Limburg SME companies and Limburg and German (Nord Rhein Westfalen) knowledge institutes and universities. The goal is to improve hygiene in hospitals and health care institutions.

James develops, in cooperation with Fainox Stainless Steel, the Quality Maintenance Control, QMC-007. This testing machine enables us to test carpets and furnishing fabrics in a standardized, mechanical way for cleaning, maintenance and durability.

James presents its complete consumer solution of cleaning products for (semi) hard floors like vinyl, linoleum, marmoleum, rubber and laminate.