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Springtime: freshen up the outdoor cushions

09 April 2017

The first warm days are already a fact, and the outdoor living season has started. The garden furniture is placed outside or its protective covers are removed. You do not only want to freshen up your interior, but of course also your outdoor living space.

You dig up the cushions, but they were not quite fresh stowed when autumn began, or they simply are in need of freshening up. Of course, you want to keep the garden cushions clean and beautiful for as long as possible. How to keep them fresh over the years? Because indoors you have a risk of stains, but for outdoors that applies even more so. There too, is the chance that a glass of wine might tip over, but there are also other factors involved such as the weather. But for instance also animal excreta, sunscreen or soot from the barbecue.

Fresh stains:

Clean immediately using a damp cotton cloth: hold it under the cold tap, wring it out and place on the stain. Then leave the cloth in place until it is dry, so as much of the stain as possible is drawn into cloth. Should the stain eventually not be completely removed, use the appropriate stain remover such as James Stainwonder or James Stainspray. In our stain removal guide, you can look up more than 1.500 spots and how to remove them.

General cleaning, sebum and sunscreen:

Using James Water, you can keep your cushions clean and fresh. Sebum (skin fat) and oils or creams will ultimately make your cushions look smudgy. This grease can most often be removed perfectly using James Water. You spray this product on a cotton cloth and wipe the cushions using long sweeping strokes. You will find that the cloth gets dirty and thus your cushions are cleaned. It does not get any easier!

Also use James Water for freshening up:
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Springtime: freshen up the outdoor cushions