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Outdoor rug: cosy and warm

03 August 2014

The outdoor living area is increasingly becoming part of our living space as an extension of the living room. More and more people provide their terrace with a shadesail, pavilion, porch or other ways to create a covered seating area. To make your patio complete and create coziness in the same way as inside, there is outdoor carpet.

Outdoor rugs (and artificial grass) are ideal for this purpose, as you walk outside on your bare feet! An outdoor rug is warm and soft on your feet and looks cozy. Real outdoor rugs are weatherproof. Therefore, the rug may remain outside throughout the entire summer. It is also ideal for children that have just learned how to walk and may fall often. Get rid of that ugly concrete floor on your balcony or old pavement on your patio. In no time you change a dull, concrete balcony or a dull corner of your garden into a stylish seating area.

The finishing touch is of course its maintenance. Most outdoor rugs are water resistant, so maintenance is just a little easier. In our laboratory, many carpets are tested weekly on maintenance and cleaning, and also occasionally an outdoor rug like the Atlantique outdoor from Carpet Sign. The test for an outdoor rug is a little different of course, because the circumstances are quite different. For that reason, it is also tested whether the carpet may be cleaned using a pressure washer. Should this be possible, it is a thorough method to clean your rug after a long summer.

An outdoor rug should also be vacuumed regularly. Sand is the silent killer on any type of floor. Especially on carpet, which possesses the unique feature of hiding sand and dust. Although this is very pleasant and healthy, it is important for the life of each carpet or rug that it is vacuum cleaned at least once per week.

An outdoor rug is prone to staining as well. If these cannot (entirely) be cleaned with water, take James Stainspray for oil and grease stains like shoe polish, oil, tar and chewing gum. James Stainwonder is ideal for stains such as red wine, coffee, grass and blood. Using these products, your outdoor rug will also remain nice and clean!

Do you discover, after a beautiful summer evening, nasty oil or grease stains in your outdoor carpet, such as from a barbecue or deep frying pan? For this purpose James Roover is ideal. Even an oil stain in your clothing can easily be removed!
And if the spots ended up just next to your outdoor carpet on for example your wooden or (natural) stone floor, then you don't need to replace tiles or planks because the product James Bandit will leave you stunned!

Outdoor rug: cosy and warm